Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm Busy

That question may be floating around your head right now, or here of late. I know I usually post once a week, and that's usually on Wednesday. So you're probably wondering why I didn't. I'll just give you the honest to goodness truth.

I hate that word: Busy. It always reminds of a bunch of bees flying around with no heads. Not sure why. Anyway. You probably want to know what I've been busy with. I'll accommodate your wonderings. 

Summer is always the craziest time of the year for my family. Due to our singing ministry we constantly have singing gigs and things like that lined up for us in mom's planner. A long with that, Mackenzie, Corrie, Isaac, Eric, Destiny, and I all have a bunch of 4-H projects to get done before the 18th of July; if not any sooner. That's kept us crazy busy. If you're that curious as to know what projects we have to finish, here is the condensed list:
Scrapbooking, 32 pages between us
Woodworking projects
Foods and food preservation, I think four of us are doing that
Needle work, that's mine. I, the ever procrastinating one, started this huge cross stitch a month and a half before I'm supposed to turn it in. 
Painting and Drawing
Small Engines

So yeah, a bunch of us are doing the same categories as some of the other siblings. Needless to say, it's crazy around my house. 

What else I've been doing...
My small baking business. That takes a day out of my week, for the baking. Not that bad. 

Stephanie, Emily and me are part of a small ensemble group that we formed with Steph and Emily's best friends. We get together once a week and practice our orchestral music. It's really fun at times. We still don't have a name yet. We've had some comical suggestions though. 

I recently had an audition for the State Fair Piano Competition. I'm not sure whether or not I passed. I hope I did! If I did I will be competing at the State Fair in August. 

There's other things in between that aren't really important to anyone else, but me. So I won't mention them. 

I suppose I'll share with you what God has been teaching me here lately so that you (hopefully) won't feel like you wasted two minutes of your life reading this. That's the last thing I want people to feel when reading any of my blog posts. 

I'm too busy all the time. I say that. Mostly. I've been busy, I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in a month. I've had this and this and this going on. If you want I can try and schedule you an appointment with me sometime next month. My planner is already filled up for this month. I'll try to fit you in for next month, ok? 
Seriously, how ridiculous does that sound? Pretty darn ridiculous if you ask me. (I can say that because that's pretty much how I sound like) I like to use the word, busy, as an excuse for not doing things sometimes. On many occasions I truly am busy, but more often than not, I just blurt out, "I'M BUSY! Sorry!" Not quite like that, but you get the gist of what I'm trying to say. 
I just need to S.T.O.P.
Spend Time On People.
There are only two things in life that truly, honestly matter. God's word and people. I need to make those my priorities. I need to realign all of my 'priorities' and see which ones really need to be the focus of my life. I already know the first one: people. 
God created them. They are here, we are all here for a purpose. We aren't here on this planet to make money, get glory, and die. No, we are here to glorify God. One way we can glorify God is by being a testimony for Him. 
I'm sorry, but I can't necessarily be a testimony for Christ when I'm way too busy doing something so irrelevant than what He considers important. People are important to God. He made them, He died for them, He saved them, and He loves them. 
Should that not be the same for me?


  1. S.T.O.P. I like that! You have indeed been busy, take a rest deary.

    1. It isn't originally mine. I got it from a pastor.
      I'll try, but I don't think that's going to happen.

  2. Ive heard B.U.S.Y.
    Being Under Satans Yoke!

    1. Yeah, I've also heard, idle hands are the Devil's workshop. Hmm.

  3. Haley,
    This is the other Haley(Your Twin):)
    I agree........ slowdown,that pic is crazy and confusing.
    I dont think your that crazy looking though!
    Ill try to write you back soon


    1. Hey!
      Haha... Yeah, I laughed really hard when I saw that picture.
      I'm relieved.
      Sweet! I'm looking forward to your letter!!! :D

  4. You and me both sista! I have all thses 4-H projects that are not happening and yesterday we had a family over after church and it was GREAT to step back and just enjoy fellowship. Some times I wonder though if I make to much time for friends and not enough for commitments. I mean; getting together and playing Ultimate 3 times in one week?! Maybe I need to focus more on my projects?
    Just a thought I had about my BUSY schedule.

    1. Yes, this league of 4-Hers waiting till the month before to finally begin their 4-H projects. :P
      Yes, I know what you mean.
      It's all a matter of figuring out what is totally necessary.


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