Tuesday, March 27, 2012

October Baby

Yesterday, my mom, two older sisters, and I had a ‘girls night out’.
We went to Panera Bread for dinner, then on to the movie theater. And afterwards went to Starbucks to comfort us after crying. :)No, we did not go see the Hunger Games. Instead we watched the newly released independent Christian film, October Baby. The movie was flat out awesome! It is a must see for every Christian out there. With the parents regarding the mature content.

October Baby is about a Christian, nineteen year old girl who finds out that she was adopted. Not only was she adopted, but she was a survivor of a failed abortion.  This devastates her completely. She takes a trip to her birthplace to find her biological mother. Through a series of events she learns to forgive those who did her wrong.

A few critics have picked apart the fact that the director and producer did not give the message of the Gospel very well. However, that wasn’t the message of the film. The message was on forgiveness, and learning to live and love. And spreading the awful fact that abortion is all around us.

If you choose to go see the movie, or even buy it, stay for the credits. There is an amazing surprise.
Oh, and you might want to take a tissue or two. J

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Praise the Lord for a Disability?

Fanny Crosby was not born blind. She had perfect eyesight for six weeks. While the doctor was out of town attending other patients, Fanny contracted an infection in her eyes. Out of desperation her parents found a country doctor who assured them he could cure her. He prescribed hot mustard poultices to be placed on her eyes. The prescription proved to be devastating. The doctor was a quack. Fanny Crosby was blind forever.

 Despite different trips to other renowned and distinguished doctors, Fanny’s eyes remained incurable.

All through her life, Fanny did not become bitter towards the doctor who caused her blindness. She stated,

“If I had been able to make only one petition to my Creator, it would have been that I should remain blind. For when I get to heaven the first face that shall ever gladden my sight will be that of my Savior.

Through her blindness she wrote thousands of hymns. They brought many people to the Lord and comforted many. Instead of becoming bitter and resenting her blindness, she worked through it. She was contented to serve the Lord by writing hymns.

Is there a physical disability or anything of the like that you have? If so, are you bitter towards the Lord about it? Or have you resolved to work through it, and praise the Lord?

Chazak Amats!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Prayer Request Update

An update is due for all of my patient followers on the prayer requests that I posted back on the 26th of February.

Jacie: She is doing better. Keep praying for her though.

Elliot Ray: His surgery went well. He told me that it felt like "...deep, deep sleep".  He's back up on his feet and running, well, almost normal. :D

Lauren: She is doing better, but her chiropractor doesn't know what's going on with her jaw. She's still in pain and prayers would greatly be appreciated. 

Aiden: With Leukemia there is no cure. My older sister co-worked with another friend to raise money for him and his young mother. Prayers are heavily needed for his mother Casey.

Rachelle: She is better!!! She actually got better the day after I posted my last blog post. The prayers worked!! Thank you all.

And an update on me. Haha! Well, the MRI results came back that there was nothing bad showing up. This is very good, but it is a little frustrating. We still don't know what exactly is wrong with me. But, big emphasis on that word, but I am feeling terrific! 
I felt really sick after the MRI, due to the fact that they had given me a certain numbing shot known as Lidocain. Very horrible stuff I can assure you. I was stressed out more than I really realized and that made me feel even more sick. After hearing the test results on the 5th of March, it seemed as if something inside me snapped. Like, as soon as the stress left me I was instantly back to my old self. (Which I've missed) I woke up that Tuesday feeling no pain whatsoever and feeling like I had some energy. Later on, I realized I had gotten my energetic, jovial self back. Praise the Lord!!!! :D

I am still having panic attacks at least once or twice a week. There is no warning in the beginning of the day when  they hit. They are like a surprise, though a very unpleasant one. We are still trying to figure out what to do in this aspect. The doctor who viewed my MRI results told me to just go get some medication for it. That's like putting a bandaid on the real problem. So if you could all just pray that we get that figured out that would mauvolous! :)

I am doing fine, as of right now. I don't have as much leg pain as I used to. In fact, that seems to have died off. It rears its ugly head every now and then, but not nearly as bad as it used to.

Again, thanks for all of the prayers.

Chazak Amats!