Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Childlike Faith

Back in 2000, when I was five years old, I began having leg pains. Sometimes they were so bad I would just beat the couch up from sheer frustration.
We went to doctor after doctor and could not figure out the source of the problem. A lot of people were diagnosing it as 'growing pains'. My wise parents thought otherwise.

Our final destination sent us up to Riley's hospital. The correct diagnoses revealed a terrible disease known as Leg Calve Perthes. It was eating my hips. There was/is no cure. By the time August rolled around I was sentenced to a wheelchair.

Every other week, we made the long grueling trip up to Riley hospital to get x-rays and MRIs to monitor how far along the disease was progressing.

I had no idea what was really happening. All I remember was that I thought it pretty cool to be riding in a wheelchair. For me, that meant getting out of chores. That wore off after a while. Like any normal five year old I wanted to run and play.

After being in the wheel chair for two months, reality set in. I remember my mom gently telling me that I might never walk again. I didn't miss a beat.
"Don't worry mom, God is going to heal me. We just need to pray" I said confidently. I didn't realize what was at stake.
I remember thinking, 'God is going to heal me.' There was not a doubt in my mind.

Towards the end of the summer we made the trip up to Riley and I got x-rayed. The results revealed that I had a thread of hip bone left holding me together. I was stuck with looking at a terrible limp for the rest of my life.

After I had the last x-ray the hospital didn't call as prompt as they had before. Two weeks passed before mom decided to call the hospital.
The nurse pulled my results up and told mom over the phone, "We can't explain this, Mrs. Long, but Haley's disease is completely gone. Her hip bone is completely healed. It is all intact."
When mom told me that I simply said, "See, mom, I told you God would heal me."

Oh, that we could all have that childlike faith. I have often gone back and replayed that whole scenario in my mind, wishing that I could somehow retrieve that kind of simplistic faith.
The older we get, the more problems we encounter. The bigger the problem, the bigger our doubt becomes.
It makes sense as to why Jesus said "Come to me as little children." Children have such a full, trusting heart. They never doubt why this or that may be happening. They simply trust the one who is in charge. They know they don't have to worry. It's all in good hands.
Adults however, don't see it quite that way.

So as you mosey on through life, and the the trials come, remember: God's got your back. Though it seems as if everything will be lost, trust. God made you. He has everything in His hands. Leave it there.
Trust Him with a childlike faith.


  1. Wow Haley! I didn't know how close you came to loosing your leg. It is SO amazing how pure and fully trusting a child's faith is. I too often wish I could ALWAYS have that faith back. Thank you for the encouragement to do so:)That will be my prayer tonight as I struggle through life's trials; that I may leave it to God and trust Him like a child.
    Love you!!
    <3 Haley
    (the one from Bainbridge:D. It was GREAT to see you on Monday!)

    1. I'm happy to be of service. :)
      Yes, it is quite amazing what faith a child has. I envy it often.
      Love you!!!
      <3 Haley
      (The one from you know where. Ditto!)

  2. I love hearing this testimony over and over again Haley. God's miracles are never boring, or get old.... =)
    LOVE YOU GIRLIE>>>><<<<3

    1. They never do!
      Love you tooooo!! :D

  3. *gasp* oh Haley, you are too sweet. I love hearing it over and over too. ^_^ I'm so blessed to know you!

    1. Sweet nothing! It's God working His miracles through me for the benefit of others to witness His great work.
      Aye, aye!

    2. You are too sweet... ^_^ I think so anyways... ^_^

    3. Oh, no....Two against one. This isn't happening to me. :P
      You're too sweet as well. And don't you dare think otherwise. :P <3

    4. OH, Yes...AND we are the 2 that would win this argument... ^_^ because I'm sure tons of others would join us...haha because you are such a sweetie sweet sweet... ^_^ <3 U

    5. make that three; I'm joining :) You are a VERY SWEET Haley:)<3u2

    6. *slaps forehead* Oh, good glory!!

    7. Haha... ^_^ Told yah... YOUR TOO SWEET>>><<<3

  4. Hey Haley.... I found your blog on Connecting young Christians. I REALLY REALLY like your blog it's so cute. can we follow each other? I would really love to connect with more Christians across this world. Let me know if we can, please follow me if you want to, I promise I will follow back.

    xox South Africa

    1. Hey Cindy!
      Thank you. Yes, I would love to follow you. Your blog is pretty awesome.

      XOX USA


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