Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Set of Eleven Things...

I have been awarded the Liebster blog award once again! This time, by Jonathan over at Jonny's Unofficial Blog!

So..... I will state eleven more facts about myself...oh dear this will be very hard!

1. I am training for a 5K race in March
2. I am currently memorizing the book of James
3. I get headaches if I am on the computer for very long, (so this blog post is more than likely going to be full of mistakes and typed out as quickly as possible without having to look at the screen)
4. I am the fourth born of ten children.
5. I am not a social introvert *laughs*
6. I have at least fifteen pen pals
7. I am writing four novels all at the same time and on paper
8. I stand with Israel!
9. I am a coffee and hot chocolate addict. *blushes*
10. I am a senior in high school.
11. I love the Lord God, my Savior Jesus Christ.

Ok, to answer the questions that Jonny asked...oh boy. I can definitely tell that a guy asked these. Haha! :)

1. If you could, which one of the following would you eliminate from the face of the earth: Pride, Lust, or Murder?  Why?
Umm...this is a hard question to answer. I guess I would say pride. Why? Because God hates pride. It is the root of all sin.
2. If you could go back in time to assassinate one person, which of the following men people would you assassinate: Joseph Smith, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, the Prophet Mohammed, 'Other' (pick someone not mentioned), or none of the above?  Why?
I would pick none of the above. Because assassinating someone is against God's law. I would be committing murder if I could assassinate any of those evil men.
3. Do you believe Salvation is by faith, works, a combination of the two, or something else altogether?  Why?
I believe that Salvation is asking God to forgive you for every sin that you have committed against Him and accepting Jesus into your heart.
4. What is your favorite kind of cheese and why? (switching gears here...)
My favorite cheese is Mozzarella! Why? Because it is soft, a little bit salty, and has a very good flavor to it.
5. What is your favorite kind of food and why?
Umm... right now, I don't have a favorite food. All food sounds repulsive right now.
6. What is your favorite firearm and bullet caliber?  Why?
Um a 9mm. Luger. Why? Because it's an awesome firearm, that's why! :P
7. If you had to be in a tank, which position would you choose: commander, gunner, loader, or driver?  Why?
Ummm. Never had to imagine myself in this position before. I guess I would like to be the driver. Why? Because I would just have to drive. I wouldn't have to kill anyone.
8. What is your favorite armored vehicle, and why?
Ummm.....I really don't know.
9. What is your favorite fight/battle/conflict/war to study in history?  Why?
World War Two. Because it is so interesting. (in my opinion)
10. What's the closest you've ever come to dying?  What happened and how?  What was your reaction afterward?
I really don't think I have ever come very close to dying. I take that back. I was almost dropped out of an upstairs window when I was a baby. I think I screamed. lol. I'm not sure. I can't remember.
11. What's the worst thing your best friend has done to you, and why?
Well I have several best friends....and there's only one who I can think of who has done something really terrible to me. That was my sister Emily. She called me the Missing Link. Why...I don't know. I think it was because I climbed trees and cause according to her I looked like a monkey. Thankfully I no longer have that nickname! :P

Now.....I have to come up with eleven more questions.....

1. Would you rather be a firefly or a butterfly and why?
2. If you could, which Apostle would you spend a day with?
3. Who is your favorite person in world history?
4. Would you rather be a missionary to a head-hunting tribe, or to a tribe that considered all white men Foreign devils?
5. Depending on your voice and personality what instrument do you think you would be?
6. What is your favorite holiday?
7. Who is your favorite prophet in the Old Testament?
8. If you could, would you rather live during the Old Testament time, or the New Testament time?
9. What are your five favorite movies?
10. What is the song you listen to the most?
11. What was the last movie you watched?

And the people I awarded......

Cindy Saul

And a little bit of an explanation as to why I haven't really been around much.....
If I am on the computer for very long, like 20-30 minutes I get a bad headache. So I have hardly been on the computer at all. That's where I've been.

So long peoples!


  1. Oh, wow! Thanks for humoring me!

    I would've given the same answers as you for the first two questions, but my reasons for the second would have been different. Assassination is against God's law? I guess someone should have told that to Ehud (Judges 3). Depending on the circumstances, assassination and murder are not the same thing.
    But anyway, thanks for taking the time to fill out this award again! I'll be praying about your headaches.

  2. You have good answers, Haley. I know you've been feeling awful. I can try to record another something for you, and of course I am praying. I love you darling! Tell me if I can help!


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