Friday, May 11, 2012

A Long Sister Gig

I thought I might have a bit of fun and post a few pictures from our singing gig earlier this evening.

We sang at an antique show over in a nearby town. We were filling in for someone else who couldn't make it.

It was almost a disaster. Emily and I had contracted colds. A bad concoction for trying to sing. I had forgotten some of my piano music, and mom had forgotten the camera. So mom decided to zip back home, driving my Grandpa's red Mustang, and retrieve the items we had forgotten.

Soon after that, the man in charge asked if we could sing for an hour instead of the original forty-five minutes. We agreed and hastily added five more songs we hadn't practiced. Then a little bit after that, the man came back to us and asked if we could sing for another fifteen minutes. Steph and I went behind the stage and came up with five more songs. Which we hadn't practiced in a while either.

Meanwhile the rest of the Yeahoos were out having boat loads of fun.
No, the kid in front is not ours. :)

Mom arrived in time, and we were a go for launch!

You'll never find a flattering picture of yourself singing. Excuse the terrible expressions on our faces. :D

Turns out we didn't sing all of the songs we had, which was ok. Though, we could have sang for a while longer. 

We had one last song to sing so we chose "You Get a Line I Get a Pole, Honey" 

Twas a lot of fun. Including playing Freeze Tag, Fox and Eggs, and Dutch Blitz. 

As a side note, we just ate's ten PM.... :D

Ta Ta for now!!!
Chazak Amats,


  1. You girls sang like angels! :) And Papa was very proud when Orange Blossom Special was dedicated to him; his smile told it all!

  2. I awarded you over at my blog
    You've got an awesome one!

  3. Hi Haley, your blog has been listed at :)


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