Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What Can You Do?

Three months have passed since I first became sick. That's quite a bit of time if you stop to think about it. Or when you spend most of that time lying in bed. You would think that by now I would be used to feeling awful and having an abnormal life/schedule. This is not true. I'm learning to accept it all, but there are times when I just wish it was all gone. I get downhearted a few times a week and those are the hardest days. But those are also my best days. I lean on the Lord a lot more in those dark times. That's what makes it all worth it somehow.

The other day I was laying on my bed just thinking, as I have been wont to do here lately, when a thought suddenly struck me.
There have been many other people who were sick all of their lives, yet they pushed past it all and did something noteworthy.

William Wilberforce had Colitis all of his life. He devoted his life to abolishing slavery in England. He achieved that goal!

Beethoven was deaf most of his life, yet he still wrote classical pieces; today they are still among people's favorites.

Fanny Crosby was blind from infancy and she wrote over 9,000 hymns during the course of her life.

These three were the people who came to my mind. I was blown away when I spent a little time mulling over it.
Even though I'm laid up in bed most of the day I can still work on different things, which I do. But what can I do for the Lord while undergoing this whole sickness? Is there something specific He wants me to do?

Are you undergoing a rough spot in  your life? Is there something preventing you from living your life normally? What can you do for the Lord during this time in your life?


  1. I have never been ill for longer than a week so it is be hard to think what would I do. It's easy to say you would do something until you are in that situation but I would imagine that I would want to guard my heart and thoughts. I would keep my thoughts on the GOODNESS of God to ensure that I don't doubt him or lose hope.

    I am praying for you! I pray that you get well soon!

  2. That's my girl. ^_^
    When you've gone through something yourself, the ministry of helping others in that condition is always open to you. This may be God's training ground for you.
    I love you.

  3. Haley,
    God is really working through you to help people with your good attitude! I am so glad that you are seeing the good in your situation. I know you are hurting and its not easy, but you trust in the Lord. My life reminds me sometimes of the Footprints in the sand story, sometimes its hard to see that He is carrying us. But He is always there for us. He works all things together for good to those who love Him!
    You go girl! Love ya so much!
    Your Friend,
    Haley(The "25 days younger one)=)


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