Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beautiful Scars: Book Review

"My name is Sarah.
I am abandoned.
I am rejected.
I am unlovable.
I am a statistic.
I am alone.
I am worthless.
I am unwanted.
I am broken.
…I am just like you…"

With the ever present reminder that her father has abandoned her, Sarah Carter is constantly searching for acceptance.
After the pain of her father’s desertion has sunk deep enough into her heart, Sarah turns to a devastating addiction: cutting.
With her cool glass shard she carves into her body how she views herself. She can control the pain and does when the emotional pain overwhelms her.

But as time passes, the pain gets to be too much. Not even her cool glass shard can help dull the pain that is stabbing her heart to pieces. In a freak accident the shard gets stabbed into the vein on the inside of her wrist. As her life flows onto the sidewalk, she thanks the stranger who accidentally caused her death.

But does it end there?

There are millions of Sarah Carters all across the world. Longing for acceptance from anyone, willing to do whatever it takes to obtain that treasured security. Turning to life threatening addictions to numb the pain when it gets to be too much.
‘Laine Colarossi, the authoress of Beautiful Scars, presents the truth about cutting through her main character, Sarah. Captured in the pages of this amazing book is Sarah’s journey of finding her true identity.

 For those who are enslaved by this addiction, this book is for you. Purchase your own copy and discover yourself in the fictitious life of Sarah Carter.

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