Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Graduation!

I keep meaning to write a post on my graduation which happened June 22nd. It's almost, but not quite, a month later. I am so sorry that I have not posted anything! Life has been extremely crazy busy with my graduation and all of that preparation, the Barnards staying for eight days. (That was beyond imaginable fun. It was totally awesome, epic, wonderful, and more!) Then Grandparents from Florida came, then the Barnards returned for a day and a half, and then the crazy mad dash of getting 4-H projects completed in one week began. :)

Oh, and might I add, the Freetown Festival, singing at a fish fry Sunday night, singing at the prejudging of the Jackson County 4-H Talent Show on Monday.....such is the life of a Long kid. Never gets boring.

Needless to say....this is why I have not posted anything since May 29th. Oh boy...that's like almost two months ago. Shameful!

So! I digress and move on to my graduation party....

My party really began with the prep work. Honestly, with all of the help and fun we had...the preparation was a party in itself! Oh, and the play practice the night before and the morning of my party.

Anyway, amidst the prep work the Barnards arrived. We all felt terrible that all they received in the way of greeting was a quick hug and a joy-filled hello. They unpacked and got their things settled in while the rest of us were still running around like chickens with no heads.

While David was checking the sound system, Daniel, his brother, was telling a couple of the kids a story. He had music and voice effects. It was quite hilarious!
After that we had a quick play practice and then we finished preparations.

Here are pictures of what all our hard work resulted into.

The cupcake stand.

The card box
My display table. These are different things that are major parts in my life. My mom did an awesome job, did she not?

At 1:00 people began to arrive. Because I was the graduate I had to greet everyone and thank them for coming. I'm a people person. I really am, but greeting all of those people? Just a tiny bit daunting and intimidating.

One of the first people to arrive was a pen pal and one of my best friends whom I had not seen since last May. Kylen Burns.

Kylen and I

Here are a few of the many people who came:
Our dear adopted Grandma Felda
Some of the Smith family. It was delightful having them there! :) And we are still holding your volleyball net hostage! :)

Daddy's sister, Aunt Tanya

My darling niece, Jade

And here is my other beautiful niece, Mila.

That's just a few of the people who came. 

We ate and then I played the Maple Leaf Rag to gain everyone's attention. Once I had it, I played Debussy Arabesque no.1 
Then....the speeches. 

Dad and Mom spoke first.

The wonderful audience. :)

Stephanie spoke next.

Then Emily

Older brother Josh spoke

And last but not least of all, I spoke.

I cannot remember what all I said. I had written out a rough draft, but I didn't end up using it. I remembered all of the main points, but there were some things that I wanted to share from my heart. So I did. :)

After the torturous speeches, I dislike public speaking, Daniel Johnson did a comedy routine.   

Daniel Johnson giving his comedy routine..
When he was finished us girls sang. 
I sang two songs that I wrote and then we sang This is Freedom and How Great Thou Art. Two of my favorite songs we do.

Us girls singing. You'll never find a flattering picture of anyone singing. :P

While all of the play actors went down to the house and got into costume, the Bell family sang. 

The Bell family.

The next thing we did was perform The Princess and the Kiss play. I regret to say that there are no pictures of the play whatsoever. Here's what happened:
When we began performing it was already sprinkling. I believe the camera got put away at that time. We were almost finished with the first act when it began to down pour. That stopped everything. People rushed to put the sound system and the piano on the stage. Lots of people gathered on the stage. Others left, and still more sought shelter underneath the tree house, and in the actual house. 
I got stuck on the stage in my costume along with the three princes. Josh, Isaac, Emily, and Corrie changed out of their costumes and played in the rain and cleaned up the food and such. When the rain finally stopped, the men put away the sound system. We gathered the remaining faithful guests and performed the play a capella. Basically we had no microphones and no sound effects or music. This was a real bummer to all, but I was still glad that we were able to perform it. 

After we had taken our last bow all of us changed out of costume. Quite a number of us ended up playing Ultimate Frisbee in the Soccer, a.k.a septic field, in the pouring rain. It felt good to get wet after all of the humid heat. We ended up having the hot dog roast and finished out the party at 10:30. 

Thank you to those who helped with the preparations. That was a huge help and we were blessed by your willingness to serve. 
Thank you play actors for being willing to perform even without the sound system. :)
Thank you to all of my guests for coming and especially for those of you who stuck around even after it started raining. 
My graduation party was a ton of fun! 


  1. Awww, how fun! Playing in the rain sounds like a lovely conclusion. I hope it rains at the end of my graduation. Haha! I'm glad it was happy. *hugglequishes*

  2. Twas a TON of fun!
    Can't wait to get together again!
    Make sure you tell us how your competition goes!

  3. Haley,
    That was a lot a fun!!!! There was a lot of fun memories that i will never forget!
    Your family is a huge Blessing to us! We really enjoyed our time at your house!! Love you!
    Haley Marie


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