Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Blast With the Barnards!

I know this is a bit late, but better late than never, right? :)

We first 'met' the Barnard family a year ago. Though we didn't meet in the traditional sense.
  They had seen one of mom's article in the Above Rubies magazine and thought us to be a family they would like to meet. Mrs. Barnard sent my mom an email and told her that she had a daughter named Haley who was the same age as me! I was instantly intrigued and told mom to email the lady back and ask her if the Haley girl wanted to be my pen pal. I'm a sucker for pen pals. :P
   The lady promptly replied and said that her daughter, Haley would. I was thrilled to death.
So we began writing letters back and forth. Soon our younger sisters began writing as well. Then the boys started writing letters too. That led to us calling each other once a week.

As the months wore on, both families decided that we needed to meet each other in person. The problem was, the Barnard family didn't have a van to travel down here in. So when they got their van, and after months and months of waiting and trying to schedule a time for them to come we finally nailed down a date. July 18th-the 21st.

The day finally arrived. We had 4-H projects to finish and turn in, and a house to clean up before they arrived. We got it done and anxiously waited for their arrival. They ended up getting lost...and got to our house at eight PM.
I have to say, it was wonderful finally getting to meet the family, in person, who had been our pen pals for a year.
We had dinner, and then started deciding where we would all sleep. Most of the children from both families slept outside in tents. That was a blast because the first night the Haley twins, Haley Barnard, and I, got an entire tent all to ourselves. With the exception of one-year-old Meleah, but she was asleep. :P

Here are pictures of each of us with our pen pals:

Me and my twin Haley Barnard

Aubrie Barnard and MacKenzie

Lucas Barnard and Isaac. Not sure what Isaac's problem was there....

Adalin Barnard and Corrie

Levi Barnard and Sam

Claire Barnard and Destiny

Meleah and Corrie

Elizabeth Porter and the lovely miss Grace Barnard

My dad and Mr. Barnard

On Thursday, we sent almost all of both families off to Brown County State Park while we (Emily, the Haley twins, Adalin and Corrie) prepared our surprise. The surprise was an elegant dinner. All homemade.

The adult table: 
From left to right, back to front: Haley Barnard, me, Ben Barnard, Stephanie, Mr. Barnard, my dad, Mrs. Barnard, baby Sarah, and my mom.

The children's crazy table. :P
From left to right, back row, Michael, in the highchair, Levi Barnard, Sam, Judah Barnard , Isaac, Lucas Barnard
Front row, Corrie, Adalin Barnard, Grace Barnard, Destiny, and Claire Barnard

The lovely ladies who served the meal
Left to right: 
Aubrie Barnard, Emily, and MacKenzie

The next day was my covenant ceremony. It was a huge blessing to have the Barnards there. They helped out tremendously! I honestly don't think we could have done it without them. Thank you all so much!!!! 

Saturday. This was my least favorite day....because they had to leave. :( We had so much fun while they were here! It was as if we were one big family. :)

Both families
Yeah, that's a lot of people, but it makes for an epic time!!! 

Love you all, Barnard family!!!! :)


  1. What a fun and memorable visit! We are now friends for life!


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