Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Reminisce

The day, or a few days before my birthday, I always get the birthday blues. Yes, as weird as that sounds, it's true.
The birthday blues are a case of pre-birthday depression. Not really. I'm totally pulling your leg.
No, the birthday blues come over me whenever I start reminiscing about my life. About the entire past year. What all has taken place during that year? How have I grown in the Lord? How have I matured. What is something I want to change in my next year of life? And the list goes on and on and on.
Then I start thinking, these are my last few days of being this age. I will never be this age ever, ever again. That is depressing.
This time around it was sixteen.
I loved being sweet sixteen. It seemed to be such a fun and carefree age. Although, in reality it really wasn't.
I had so many challenges during all of last year. With my medical issues, which lasted almost all of my sixteenth year, and the trials the Lord sent my way so that I would grow, it was a tough year. I love challenges though. There is nothing wrong with a challenge. Anyway, I'm really bunny-trailing today....
There were lots of awesome things that took place this past year. I started my blog. I acquired a bunch of pen pals! I was introduced to the One Year Adventure Novel forum by a good friend. Thank you, Reagan, for introducing me to that epic place! :) I have met lots of new people.
And the list goes on. So you get the general idea of what the birthday blues is. They're not that bad, really. :P

Here are a few thoughts I conjured up while reminiscing:

What is something that I want to change in my life during this next year?
I want to change the fact that I'm so busy. Or at least I say I'm busy. Am I really busy, or is it just the little trivial things that coagulate and create a time sucking mechanism that sweeps through my days. Honestly, am I truly busy doing things that need to be done? This is something I can sort through, but not today.

What do I want to stay the same?
I want the fact that I live in a free country to stay the same. I'm hoping against hope, I know. Please, don't burst my bubble and force me to face reality. No, I'm totally kidding.

What would I like to accomplish in this next year?
Thanks for asking! Now let me borrow your ear for a minute and I'll try to talk as fast as I can before my time runs out. :P (I'm in a really playful mood this morning, please forgive me)
Well... lets see... I would like to finish my novel and get it published. I'd like to get another one started as well.
My graduating is inevitable, so that's happening.
I would absolutely love to meet a bunch of the OYANers. I'd love to meet all of my pen pals as well. You dear girls mean so much to me.
I would love to go to the 2013 Summer Workshop.
I want to make it to Carnegie Hall in the World Piano Competition. I think I would absolutely floor my piano teacher if I did that.
I want to grow even more in the Lord. I want my relationship with God to flourish into something grand.
I want to strengthen the relationship with my siblings into something much more solid.

As I enter into another year of my life, I'm not completely sure what the Lord has planned for me.
I do know this; whatever He has for me will more then likely have challenges.
Bring it on!! :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALEY>><<3 May God bless your day and it be filled with many happy memories of days gone by. =) LOVE YOU GIRLIE!

    1. Aww. Thank you dearest!
      Love you too! :)

  2. Happy happy birthday to my precious little "Harry Wrose". Can't wait till our day out next Tuesday!

    1. Awww. Thank you mother dearest.
      I can't either!! ^__^

  3. Happy Birthday Haley! I hope and pray your new year will be more fruitful and blessed.
    I love challenges myself. I have had some that involved my ego. I have a temper that I have rarely lost control of. I'm still young, we're all still young, so I've got to humble myself, and start changing things. The next age is coming, whether I like it or not.

    1. Thank you, Jared!
      *gasps* You love challenges too? That's awesome! :)
      Yes, adulthood is just around the corner...

  4. ooh!..Happy Birthday!!!!

    1. Thank you, Ellie Dearest!
      That's quite all right. :)

    2. I could barely read that! LOL
      It's like a code or something... :P

  5. haha.i.kow.ad.i.have.to.explai.my.problem.to.everyoe


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