Saturday, August 25, 2012

Michael Ray

Michael Ray turned three today. Though, he doesn't act three. No, he acts much more mature than your average three-year-old.
    As you gathered from the picture, his favorite thing to do is mow the lawn. Or pretend he is mowing. He's a busy little fellow and is as sharp as a knife!

Emily has been teaching Michael, along with the twins, Brook and Briar. He knows his ABC's, can sing the song flawlessly, and can point the letters out on pages. Though this trait is not so welcome during a game of Scrabble.

A few interesting facts about Michael...

He was talking almost full sentences by the time he was two
He just here recently potty-trained himself. Yes, you read that correctly. We just stuck big-boy underwear on him and told him that until he was out of diapers he couldn't ride on the end of the cart. clicked and he doesn't wear diapers. Except at night of course.
He makes friends wherever he goes.
And he's the light of the house.

For his birthday today, Uncle Larry and his girlfriend, Diane came over and gave him his gift.

He's been singing the Happy Birthday song all week long. He was absolutely delighted when we told him it was finally his birthday today. He immediately knew what to do after we had finished singing to him. :)

He enjoyed opening the presents that were given to him. Especially the bag of balloons that Corrie presented him with. :)

Happy Birthday, Michael!!!


  1. Cuuuute...<3 Happy birthday, Michael!

  2. Aww...somehow I missed this post. Isn't he just adorable??? Of course, I may be a bit biased. :)


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