Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What Does Your 15-Year-Old Sister Do?

This is my sweet sister MacKenzie, and today she is turning 15. I would like to share with you a few things about her that constantly amaze me.

She doesn't date. I greatly admire her for stand against this as most girls her age are dating.

She builds seven foot tall arbors for 4-H

She is buddies with her brothers

She enjoys witnessing to the lost. On some of her previous birthdays she has gone with dad to the mall where she passed out tracts and talked to people about Jesus.

She is bold. She's not afraid to tell you what she thinks.

She enjoys writing lyrics to already written songs. Some of them have had us all in stitches!

Her best friend is Aubrie Barnard.

She's my best friend too. (sorry Aubrie, you have to share. :P)

Happy 15th birthday, MacKenzie!!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACKENZIE!!!! :) May your day be filled with beauty and blessings :)

    ~Adrienne <3

  2. Haley,
    How sweet!!!!!!!
    Hey, I don't mind sharing...........She was yours first!
    Love you lil sis,


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